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Botox Vancouver WA Cosmetic dentistry can give your confidence a boost by making you feel and look great with your smile. Apart from that, Lacamas Dental provides Botox Vancouver VA injections administered by expert and licensed doctors. Let us help smooth out your frown lines and wrinkles. Book an appointment in this website.

Yes, there are plenty of fine dental clinics in the area, but few (if any) of them offer massage therapy and medical and cosmetic Botox. Vancouver WA is where you can make an appointment for dentistry, massage and Botox injections, too. Make a day of it at Lacamas Dental clinic. Time it right, and you can enjoy a day of courteous care and walk away looking and feeling a whole lot better. Botox® is a prescription medicine made with an ancient ingredient: onabotulinumtoxin A. Medically, it may be used to treat patients with a range of conditions. For instance, Botox Vancouver WA may be used to treat cervical dystonia (abnormal head and neck position) in people sixteen years and older. Botox may be used to treat bladder incontinence in adults eighteen years and older who have an overactive bladder due to neurologic disease and cannot tolerate anticholinergic medications.  

It may be used to treat in people eighteen years and older who suffer from muscle stiffness in elbow, wrist and finger muscles associated with upper limb spasticity. Cosmetically, Botox Vancouver WA is injected into frown lines to decrease their appearance. A typical Botox treatment can last up to four months. There's a lot to understand about this injectable medicine, so we provide useful information and links to official Botox® sites, as well. At Lacamas Dental, you have nothing to fear. If you're afraid of specific procedures, let us know when you call to schedule your appointment. Relief may be available. Please don't hesitate calling Lacamas Dental clinic. We're here to help. Botox Vancouver WA
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