Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

Purpose Healing Center is among the best drug detox and rehab centers in Arizona with advanced scientific treatments and therapies. We are one of the few Arizona drug rehab centers to use therapies such as community reinforcement, client-centered treatment, and psycho-educational group therapy to treat addiction.

Top reasons to choose our Arizona addiction recovery center

We are one of the best rehabs in Arizona, with several positive reviews. We hold a predominant place in the list of top rehabs for alcohol and drug addiction in AZ for our unique treatment approach and individualized patient care. Each of our staff works devoutly with the patient and closely monitor their progress in recovery. We make minor alterations in the treatment plan from time to time, based on their progress or regress in the recovery journey.

All our staff members are qualified and possess several years of experience in treating substance and alcohol addiction. We are a team of experienced individuals, and we work relentlessly to build a supportive environment for recovering addicts, where they can heal and recover.

Motivational Interviewing for Addiction Treatment

Motivational Interviewing is a therapeutic technique that we use to help patients battling addiction problems. We use MI techniques to strengthen an individual's motivation and commitment to attain their recovery goals. Lack of drive and motivation can often be a major problem in recovery and can often trigger a relapse. Motivational interviewing fosters ambition in recovering addicts and equips them to overcome their fears, insecurities, and uncertainties.

Our MI therapists use motivation to teach and encourage recovering addicts to develop a positive mindset. MI comprises of three major concepts: interview, self-obligation, and patient's autonomy. The session takes place like an interview between the therapist and the patient, where patients are encouraged to set their own recovery goals. We attempt to make recovering addicts feel self-motivated to attain sobriety. We use MI in addition to other psychotherapies to garner the best results in recovery.

What sets us apart from other Arizona drug rehab centers?

We are one of the most affordable drug rehabs in AZ with top-notch amenities, luxurious infrastructure, a pool, and highly effective treatment programs. We use the following therapies to help patients overcome addiction:

  • 12-step support groups – We conduct weekly support groups such as AA, NA, and gender-based groups to help individuals share their challenges and accomplishments in the recovery journey.
  • Community reinforcement – Community reinforcement approach is one of the psychotherapies we use to treat addiction, where we use operant conditioning techniques to help patients practice healthy living.
  • Motivational incentives - Motivational incentives is a type of behavior therapy-based intervention, where we provide monetary and non-monetary incentives to recovering addicts as and when they pass a urine test or when they maintain regular attendance to support groups, etc.

Get in touch with Purpose Healing Center today for more details on our addiction treatment. We are one of the few Arizona drug rehab centers to offer highly effective treatments at affordable prices. 

Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

The Truth You Wish To Know About Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

arizona drug rehab centersThe only real reason anyone ever checks into rehab is to prevent possible relapse and have a manageable withdrawal experience. There are many different misconceptions about healing, which give the impression of a torturous recovery. Most people have a negative image of recovery, such as a violent and sweaty detox with restraining on a bed in a white-walled room. We take a close look at drug rehab experiences so ...
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Purpose Healing Center - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale

9332 North 95th Way, Suite B-203
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The mission of the PHC family is to assist in any way possible our client’s desire to achieve and maintain a life of long-term sobriety. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our latest news.

We are an accredited drug rehab in Scottsdale, AZ, with substance abuse and Arizona alcohol rehab programs.

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