Alcohol Drug Rehab Phoenix

There’s no question that there’s a massive drug and alcohol abuse epidemic in the US. The reasons for this are many, including the scarcity of adequate recovery treatments and significant misconceptions about how addiction works. Purpose Healing Center offers excellent, well-rounded recovery treatment for alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix.

Is substance addiction a disease?

This is a highly contentious issue in the medical community, and the answer varies depending on who you ask. Some organizations and psychiatric bodies recognize addiction as a disease and refer to it as Substance Use Disorder (SUD), while others do not. So, it’s no surprise that many in the general public believe that addiction comes from a lack of self-control and willpower.

However, the underlying cause is more complex with various socioeconomic and biological factors coming into play. Most professionals will agree that addiction often starts as a conscious decision, commonly due to psychological factors like depression, anxiety, or stress.

The tricky part about addiction starts when frequent consumption of these substances lead to changes in brain chemistry. Many of these drugs can mimic or influence the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which produce feelings of happiness and pleasure. Continual use will require increasingly larger doses of the substance to produce those same feelings, leading to compulsive use and becomes harder to control consciously.

How do I find a good rehab center?

Finding a comprehensive rehab center is as easy as searching online or recommendations through friends, family, doctors, or lawyers. If you’re in dire need of alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix, give us a call to discuss treatment options.

When selecting a rehab center, always prioritize the quality of care and check past client testimonials. Excellent facilities should offer many types of treatment programs and a wide range of options regarding therapy and payment plans.

How to identify someone with an addiction problem

Victims will usually display unusual changes in their behavior, such as sudden withdrawal from socializing or visible changes in their physical health, such as fluctuations in weight. Part of the reason addiction is now an epidemic is due to addicts not receiving the correct treatment at the right time. So, as a family member or close friend, it is essential to be vigilant about them to receive treatment before it’s too late.

The most obvious signs are changes in their physical health and appearance. You’ll often see dramatic fluctuations in their weight, gaunt appearance, and redness in the eyes.  With drug users, you may see excessive pill bottles or needle marks on their arms.

Many behavioral changes indicate substance abuse. Commonly, victims appear lethargic or depressed and retreat from social activities they once enjoyed. They will also have frequent money problems as illicit substances are quite expensive and skipping academic and personal responsibilities.

Are you looking for rehab facilities in Arizona? Purpose Healing Center offers alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix, where we tailor our programs to the unique needs of all our patients.

Alcohol Drug Rehab Phoenix

A Patient-Oriented Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Phoenix

Purpose Healing Center is a preeminent alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix, with the best inpatient treatment, IOP, and PHP programs. Our combination of evidence-based therapies, medical detox, holistic therapies, and relapse prevention education prepares patients for sustainable success with sobriety.Drugs used in alcohol detoxMedical detox aims to help the patients' bodies overcome the withdrawal and ensures safe recovery from withdrawal. To achieve those goals, we use medications, such as Librium, Valium, Ativan, etc. Benzodiazepines are the most commonly ...
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Alcohol Drug Rehab Phoenix
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