Purpose Healing Center: Leading The Charge In Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers

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States and cities across America are battling against alcohol abuse and drug addiction. In fact, an estimated 19.7 Americans faced substance abuse issues in 2017 alone. Of all the states plagued by chemical dependence, few have been harder hit than Arizona. Within Arizona, the city of Phoenix has become a hotbed of substance abuse. Between 2018 and 2019, 1,389 Arizona residents died from a drug overdose. Thousands more used illicit drugs on a regular basis, while even more consumed an excessive amount of alcohol.

With drug and alcohol abuse so prominent throughout the city, the time has come for Phoenix drug rehab centers to reevaluate their treatment methods. Purpose Healing Center is proud to be leading the charge in this area. We have pioneered numerous innovative programs to battle chemical dependence. We continue to remain on the forefront of the science of rehabilitation, allowing us to provide our residents with the absolute latest treatment methods available. But just what are these treatment methods? Furthermore, are they right for you or your loved one? Read on to find out.

Here is everything you need to know about pursuing treatment at Purpose Healing Center.

Multiple Treatment Programs Available

Many Phoenix drug rehab centers offer only inpatient or outpatient options. This means their clients have no choice but to pursue one type of treatment, whether it suits them or not. At Purpose Healing Center, we understand that everybody heals differently. That’s why we offer a number of different treatment programs. Our clients can choose between an inpatient program and an intensive outpatient program. They also have the option of a partial hospitalization program, which will allow them to maintain a degree of independence without the full temptation of the outside world.

Expert Staff

Purpose Healing Center is home to the finest addiction specialists in all of Arizona. Our Clinical Director, Robin Byrne, LCSW, boasts almost four decades of experience in treating drug and alcohol dependence. Along with the latest scientifically-backed treatment methods, she has mastered a number of holistic treatments. This allows her to provide our clients with the most well-rounded treatment packages possible. Ms. Byrne plays an active role in the recovery of our patients and is supported by our other leading addiction counselors, including CFO JP Grako and CEO Gabriel Tomaeno.

Family Therapy Provided

The impact of addiction is not simply limited to the life of the person battling it. Drug and alcohol abuse can have disastrous effects on the abuser’s family, taking a mental toll on their parents, siblings, offspring, and friends. In order for a person to fully overcome an addiction, they must make peace with those they have harmed through their behavior. Likewise, those who have been negatively impacted by a family member’s substance abuse must learn to understand why their family member behaved in such a way. That’s why Purpose Healing Center provides family therapy to the relatives of our residents. These therapy sessions are often crucial in returning to a normal family life and can be the first step on the road to forgiveness.

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