At Purpose Healing Center, we know that drug and alcohol addictions are devastating in the long run. Even the milder forms of substance addiction can wreak havoc in your personal and professional life, causing financial, familial, and even legal issues when untreated. To avoid that, you need to join our certified Scottsdale rehab treatment asap.

When to join a rehab program

Knowing how substance addiction functions, you should seek professional help as soon as you observe the first signs of withdrawal. Substance addiction is progressive, and, in many cases, it advances fast with severe immediate and long-term repercussions. To prevent more serious damages, you need certified help in the first stages of addiction, if possible.

We advise against any form of self-help since self-medication and self-detox procedures are not only ineffective overall, but dangerous and even life-threatening. Our rehabilitation program uses a safe, results-oriented approach aiming to harness the optimal results. As proponents of holistic rehabilitation treatment, we offer:

Medication and detox services

Dual-diagnosis treatment

Long-term relapse prevention strategy

Psychotherapy and counseling

Find the cure to addiction

Being a chronic and progressive disorder, substance addiction doesn’t have a cure in a medical sense. Treating the condition refers to management and relapse prevention, which will allow you to live a normal, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle over the years. At our facility, we train our patients in:

At Purpose Healing Center, we have designed the ideal Scottsdale rehab treatment available. It tackles all forms of addiction via residential care, PHP, and IOP, depending on your medical status, needs, and goals. If you need a certified counselor to talk to, contact us today, and let’s find a solution to your problems together!