Premier Arizona Treatment Centers

Purpose Healing Center is one of the upscale Arizona treatment centers with seasoned physicians, RNs, and mental health therapists. We help patients overcome addiction and co-occurring mental disorders using an integrated treatment approach and evidence-based therapies in a futuristic rehab facility.

When to seek help for drug or alcohol abuse?

You don’t have to wait for your substance abuse condition to worsen to seek help from a professional. If you tend to abuse drugs or alcohol regularly, schedule a consultation with a treatment provider at a leading rehab immediately. The sooner you seek help, the higher are your chances for attaining a safe and speedy recovery. Here are some signs that warn the need for joining one of the Arizona treatment centers:

You experience consistent cravings dailyYou continue using the drug despite deteriorating health and worsening psychiatric symptomsYour drug use is causing you to indulge in unsafe behaviors like unprotected sex, DUI, assaults, etc.

Besides, if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drug use, approach a doctor at the earliest. Seek emergency help if you or your loved one has overdosed or experienced trouble breathing or shows changes in consciousness.

Why can’t I overcome addiction at home?

Recovering from addiction at home is not an option due to the health risks involved. For starters, you need medical detox to overcome long-term and severe substance abuse disorders. The withdrawal symptoms you experience during and after detox can be intense, painful, and uncomfortable and bring a lot of health risks along the way.

You need a licensed and experienced clinical team to manage the detox program to help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely. Besides, you may feel constantly bombarded by cravings and stressful situations at home, affecting your chances of attaining sobriety. Seeking professional help from a rehab center can help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely and reduce the relapse risks in the long run.

Can attending rehab affect my job prospects?

The Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid and job-protected leave within 12 months. Besides, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects those in addiction recovery from facing discrimination in the workplace. Attending inpatient treatment cannot affect your job in any way, and your employer cannot fire you for your decision to attend rehab.

Should you feel discriminated at work after the completion of rehab treatment, you can file a charge against your employer via the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The medical reasons listed out by the Family and Medical Leave Act include treatment at a rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol use. Besides, the act also requires your employer to maintain confidentiality regarding any information about their employees’ addiction and treatment.

Addiction is several folds serious than you can imagine. Do not waste any more valuable time trying to overcome addiction on your own. Call Purpose Healing Center at 480-579-3319 to join one of our Arizona treatment centers. We are a top-rated addiction treatment facility with an experienced and compassionate team of clinical staff.