Phoenix Detox

If you are struggling to break free from your destructive drug use patterns, signing up for Phoenix detox treatment can help you overcome substance abuse safely and painlessly. Purpose Healing Center offers the best medical detox, inpatient, IOP, and outpatient treatment programs in a state-of-the-art rehab facility.

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of eliminating drugs or alcohol from a person’s body. Detoxification allows recovering addicts to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms when they stop doing drugs or consuming alcohol. Each person’s experience with detox is different. Your experience with detox will vary depending on the drug you used, the length of time you used it, and the presence of co-occurring mental health issues.

Medications keep recovering addicts comfortable while the drugs leave their bodies. Following medical detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms for several days or months. Signing up for residential treatment following medical detox is crucial for comprehensive recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health problems.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The length of detox can vary depending on several factors. While the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol may level off within a week, drugs like benzodiazepines, barbiturates, etc., may require a longer detox timetable. You should allow up to 2 weeks or longer for the withdrawal symptoms to subside if you are recovering from addiction to drugs.

Remember that the time it takes to remove the harmful substances from the body is less important. The critical thing to remember is you should be ready to make long-term changes to prevent relapse and prepare yourself physically and mentally to manage recurring triggers effectively. Signing up for inpatient or outpatient rehab after medical detox can help you overcome problematic drug or alcohol use and help you get through medical detox speedily and comfortably.

Can I Detox At Home?

Detoxing at home is a dangerous and deadly idea. Quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey can lead to health issues like seizures and dehydration. Having a medical team to supervise you during detox can prevent you from experiencing painful side effects.

Individuals suffering from long-term or severe addiction must undergo inpatient detox to prevent dangerous complications and adverse withdrawal symptoms. Our Phoenix detox program offers 24-hour support and medical monitoring, ensuring a safe, speedy, and pain-free recovery.

Top reasons to choose us for detox in Phoenix

We are a licensed and accredited rehab facility for medical detox with the best clinical and non-clinical staff. You should choose us for medical detox because:

  • We create customized medical detox plans for each patient after a comprehensive review of their medical and psychiatric symptoms and addiction histories.
  • Our clinical staff monitor clients 24/7 during and after detox and manage withdrawal symptoms with medications and therapy. We push to great lengths to ensure that our patients have a comfortable and pain-free healing journey.
  • Our top-notch accommodations and modern amenities provide patients with a serene environment that promotes healing and recovery.

Sign up for our Phoenix detox program by reaching us at (480) 579-3319. Purpose Healing Center accepts most insurance plans and helps individuals suffering from drug abuse achieve a safe and speedy recovery. Our customized detox treatment can prepare you for lasting success with sobriety and help you attain improved mental wellness. Call us today.

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