5 Commonly Abused Drugs at College

Drug use is extremely common in college. This environment provides plenty of opportunities to experiment with new drugs without parents around. Some drugs have been on the rise on college campuses in Tempe, Phoenix and across the nation. Some of the rates have tripled for certain substances, leading to addiction and tolerance later in life.


Alcohol is the number one drug that’s abused on most college campuses. That’s because it’s socially and widely acceptable. There have always been reports about college students getting drunk and causing trouble on school grounds. Some of those getting expelled.

Even bars and college parties are known to serve alcohol, even to those under the age of 21. Drinking is a common college activity; however, most freshmen are under the legal drinking age. Binge drinking has also become common among parties and sporting events. This activity is so dangerous that it could lead to alcohol addiction, poisoning or even death.


Over 50% of college students have experimented with marijuana in their lives. Since it has become legal in some states, marijuana has become one of the most popular drugs. It’s exceeding alcohol, even among college campuses across the nation. Marijuana is considered a harmless and natural drug, which is why it’s so popular.

This drug is often used to relax and chill out among friends. But it can have serious effects on the body. College kids who drive under the influence of marijuana can run the risk of getting into an accident or DUI. However, it’s unlikely to overdose on this drug. Common side effects include feeling relaxed and falling into a trance-like state, which leaves important priorities for another day.

Prescription Medication

College students have been abusing prescription medications in the past few years. As college work gets more challenging, they’re finding it more difficult to focus on their assignments. Adderall and Ritalin are just two examples of popular prescription medications that have been sold and shared among college campuses. These drugs are used to reduce distractions, making it easier for students to focus and concentrate. 

Some college students use prescription drugs to retain knowledge. Most of them abuse these drugs during exam week to help them study. But Adderall and Ritalin are both illegal to use and can result in a $10,000 fine including 10 years of prison time. Demand for both pills is on the rise, as college students use them to keep up with their demanding studies. 


As music festivals grow in popularity, so does ecstasy. While alcohol is common at college parties and bars, ecstasy is more common at festivals and raves. It helps students to enjoy music and their surroundings. It’s become as common to take ecstasy at music festivals as it is to drink alcohol at the bar.

Coming down from the drug, however, is very intense. That immediate feeling of happiness quickly goes downhill, causing the user to take more of the drug. Taking more ecstasy will increase drug dependency the moment it leaves the system. Ecstasy leaves the user feeling extreme depression, even days after use.


Cocaine is becoming more common among college students. It’s a natural drug that’s derived from a coca plant in South America. It was once considered a rich people’s drug due to its high costs. When ingested, it causes euphoric effects that don’t last for long. 

It enhances the party atmosphere but can possibly lead to serious brain damage even after one use. One out of four students who try cocaine will become dependent on it. Cocaine addiction causes their lives to spiral out of control, putting their hopes and dreams on hold.

There are thousands of college students who are dependent on these drugs. This can lead to an addiction that they will struggle with for the rest of their life. Fortunately, there is help out there. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol or drugs, there are treatment options.