Personalized Top Rehabs in Scottsdale

Personalized Top Rehabs in Scottsdale

Do you seek the top rehabs in Scottsdale? Purpose Healing Center is a leading treatment facility with world-class amenities and the highest success rates. Our customized treatment approach and evidence-based treatments help patients embrace sobriety and strengthen their commitment to healthy living in the long-term.

What happens on a typical day in drug or alcohol rehab?

Your stay at a rehab facility can be one of the most refreshing and liberating experiences of your life. The key is to approach the addiction treatment with an open mind to get the most out of it. Here is what you can expect on a typical day during your stay at a rehab:

Holistic therapies – You will spend the mornings learning new hobbies and participating in wellness programs like yoga, physical fitness sessions, meditation, etc. Individual and group therapies – Your rehab treatment will encompass several psychotherapy programs in a private and a group setting with a licensed therapist. We use behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, rational emotive therapy, motivational interviewing, and other psychotherapies during addiction treatment. Specialized sessions – If you need help with anger management, stress management, or grief counseling, you may receive personalized counseling from a mental health therapist.

You can also expect to socialize with fellow recovering addicts during support group meetings and leisure. Our rehab facility comes with a spectacular swimming pool and other opulent amenities to keep our patients relaxed, occupied, and entertained during their stay at our treatment center.

I relapsed after treatment; what do I do now?

If your relapse was an isolated incident, and you are still 100% committed to your recovery plan, you don’t have to go back to residential rehab for inpatient treatment. You can sign up for outpatient treatment at one of the top rehabs in Scottsdale to prevent future relapse accidents.

When it comes to patients who relapse after several months of residential treatment, we help them learn improved behavioral responses using psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), etc. We also engage them in holistic therapies like nutrition therapy, yoga, relaxation techniques, and physical fitness activities to help them cope with grief, trauma, and anger and maintain sobriety in the long-term.

Top reasons to choose our facility for addiction treatment

Our customized treatments and integrative recovery programs equip patients with critical life skills and coping mechanisms, empowering them to lead a sober, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Our team of clinicians uses a combination of holistic therapies and evidence-based psychotherapies to help our recovering addicts overcome dual diagnosis conditions. With the best residential treatment, IOP, and PHP programs, we equip our patients for life-long success with sobriety.

Contact 480-579-3319 to signup for addiction treatment at Purpose Healing Center. Ranked among the top rehabs in Scottsdale, we use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy, contingency management interventions, and other evidence-based modalities. Set in a unique location, our facility offers a relaxing and serene ambiance for recovering addicts to focus on healing and recovery.