Attending Arizona drug treatment may not be attainable for many due to budget constraints, busy schedules, and several other reasons. At Purpose Healing Center, we help those battling substance abuse disorders with an integrated and flexible treatment approach. The price should not stop you from signing into rehab, which is why we take in most insurance plans and offer treatment at affordable prices.

Why can’t I get sober on my own?

Recovery from addiction can be trickier than you think. Strong determination and hard work alone cannot get through the withdrawal symptoms nor can help you achieve sobriety, at least in the long term. You need to sign up for rehab treatment for a safe and speedy recovery from your behavioral and mental health challenges.

Besides, it can be dangerous to quit drugs or alcohol cold-turkey. Based on the substance abused, your withdrawal symptoms can range from moderate to severe, incliding flu-like symptoms, hallucinations, insomnia, and several other health problems. It is pivotal that you stay in the close supervision of a clinical team during recovery to prevent more serious health complications. Rather than fighting addiction on your own, give Arizona drug treatment a try. You will be surprised at the physical and psychological benefits it will provide.

I can’t afford addiction treatment. What do I do?

Do not let the cost of addiction treatment deter you from getting better. Most people pay for rehab with insurance. If you lack a private insurance, you can use Obamacare to meet the cost of treatment.

Alternatively, those eligible for Medicaid or Medicare can use these Federal and state-sponsored health benefits to pay for rehab. If none of these is an option for you, you can secure a home equity loan or explore private financing options to meet the treatment cost.

What are the qualities that I should look for in a rehab center?

Choosing a treatment facility for recovery can seem like an intimidating chore. However, knowing what to look for in rehab can make the process less daunting. Here’s what our top-rated drug treatment center does best:

  1. Treatments and therapies – You want to join a rehab that uses science-based treatments and psychotherapies to address your mental and behavioral health challenges and help you garner the best outcome in recovery.
  2. Customized healing plans – You will not get better by following a cookie-cutter treatment approach or by attending several hours of group therapy. Every addiction circumstance is unique, requiring a customized treatment approach. Make sure to join a rehab that creates personalized treatment plans for each patient in recovery.
  3. Dual diagnosis treatment – Most people battling addiction suffer from mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Sobriety may remain a distant dream if you do not address your addiction’s underlying causes. Our dual diagnosis treatment is key for ensuring smooth and safe rehabilitation with sustainable sobriety over the years.

If you wish to commit to recovery, our Arizona drug treatment can help you achieve your wellness goals and get clean. Purpose Healing Center has made thousands of patients develop an improved appreciation for life, embrace a sober lifestyle, and lead a healthy and happy life. We can do the same for you.