Is Outpatient Rehab In Phoenix, AZ Right For You?

Is Outpatient Rehab In Phoenix, AZ Right For You?

When it comes to treating addiction, our staff at Purpose Healing Center believes there are more ways to recover than a 30-day program. If you need individualized attention during rehab, have experienced a relapse in the past, or seek a more personalized program than what most treatment centers offer, check out what we have to offer at Purpose Healing Center. Along with our highly structured residential rehab program, we offer patients the option of outpatient rehab in Phoenix, AZ through PHP or IOP. With our help, you can recover from addiction on your terms.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Outpatient Rehab? 5 Case Scenarios

1. If you or a loved one in rehab has already completed a residential recovery program, the next step would be to transition into outpatient rehab before leaving treatment. As a step-down program, an IOP or PHP provides the support and structure needed during ongoing treatment. Leaving an environment that provided 24/7 monitoring is not an easy thing to do; with outpatient rehab in Phoenix, AZ, you can make a smooth transition from one program to the next.

2. At PHC, we realize that not everyone can take time away from school, work, or family to check into inpatient rehab. If you don’t have the luxury of taking 30-90 days to yourself while healing from addiction, there is another option you may not have thought about. An Intensive Outpatient Program of Partial Hospitalization Program at Purpose Healing Center can solve the problem for you by providing the recovery services you need without a long-term commitment.

3. Many patients need addiction treatment but cannot afford a residential recovery program. If you’ve been looking into rehab but lack health coverage to pay for treatment, you’ll find that an outpatient program is far more affordable. Outpatient rehab in Phoenix, AZ eliminates the cost of housing, on-site meds, 24-hour supervision, and many additional costs that can quickly add up. Our outpatient programs are an affordable alternative that will still provide access to quality treatment and therapy.

4. For highly motivated patients with a healthy home life, an outpatient rehab is a viable option. If you believe you can deal with triggers and work to avoid a relapse during treatment; be forewarned, it will be hard work ahead of you, but with the right resources and programs, you can succeed in recovery through outpatient rehab.

5. If your addiction is not severe, you could be an ideal candidate for our outpatient recovery program at Purpose Healing Center. Contact a counselor from our treatment center to request an assessment and we’ll determine whether you’re a good fit for IOP or PHP.

Our programs make it possible for clients to imagine a life with purpose. You’ll see a bright future awaits you on the other side of rehab when you make Purpose Healing Center your recovery facility. Read more about treatment programs we offer, addictions we treat, and amenities offered; explore the free resources on our website or contact our rehab 24/7 at 480-579-3319.

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