How To Select The Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

How to Select the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Recognizing you have a problem with alcohol, and becoming convinced that professional help is needed, is the most significant step in your recovery. However, once an alcoholic has hit rock bottom and is willing to let themselves be helped out of the darkness of alcohol, a big challenge arises: which alcohol addiction center to go to?

In the state of Arizona, a variety of rehab centers offer alternatives for people to overcome their dependence on alcohol. However, it is essential you consider specific criteria that will allow you to choose the best alcohol addiction treatment for your particular situation.

How to Choose the Ideal Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center?

Type of Treatment

There are different methodologies for alcoholism treatment. Some centers use the 12-step method. Others, however, combine different personal and group therapies for the alcoholic’s recovery. For example, at Purpose Healing Center, we use a combination of therapies, using the last evidence-based practices that have given highly satisfactory results. In any case, it is essential you inform yourself about the methods and what to expect from each of the alternatives available in the market.

Principles and Values

One of the characteristics of alcoholism as a disease is a marked social rejection. Generally, people do not understand or have no knowledge about what an alcoholic really suffers from. When evaluating different rehabilitation centers, it is essential to know the principles and values of each institution. You must make sure dignity is preserved, and patients are respected every time. A receptive and supportive environment is crucial for people to open up, talk about their problems without fear and achieve recovery.


The best alternatives for alcoholism treatment are found in those centers that offer a high level of personalization of therapies. First of all, tailored individual therapy should be the backbone of recovery. There, people will be able to dig deep inside themselves and find out what are the triggers of the compulsion to drink. They will also learn tools to control those urges. Regarding group therapies, the best options are treatments that serve small groups of people. The intimacy of a small meeting increases the patient’s confidence, maximizing results.


It is essential to make sure that the alcohol rehab center you select is fully staffed with in-house specialists. Optimal alcoholic recovery requires the joint efforts of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and therapists. Besides, it is also vital that rehab patients have 24/7 support. This support is crucial, as there are no specific times for any physical or emotional crisis, like withdrawal, to arise.

Family Integration

Last but not least, consider one of the significant consequences of alcoholism is the breakdown of the family balance. In order for the patient to recover and have a full and happy life, it is essential to healing old family wounds. When assessing the options available, lean towards those addiction treatments that aim to restore family harmony and offer specific therapies to make it.

Count on Our Support

If you have decided to break the chains of alcohol and have a happy life, you can count on the support of the top alcohol addiction treatment center: Purpose Healing Center. Let our group of specialists extend you their helping hand, and aid you in the path to your fulfillment. Contact us.