How Our Scottsdale Addiction Treatment Works

Joining a Scottsdale addiction treatment is a defining step in your life. Purpose Healing Center offers a home-like ambiance for those battling substance abuse disorders and gives them guidance and hope for a better tomorrow.

Is Rehab Treatment Necessary To Beat Addiction?

While you may think you have your drug-using patterns under control, that is seldom the case. Only a treatment professional can diagnose the severity of your addiction and help you get sober with a custom-designed recovery plan. Joining a rehab may be your best bet to getting sober and achieving mental peace and improved psychological wellness.

Try to see your stay at an addiction treatment center as a long-awaited spiritual and wellness vacation that you need to feel rejuvenated and renewed. It can help you catch a break from your routine life, focus on your physical, mental, behavioral, and spiritual wellness, and come back as a new person. Undergoing detox at a drug rehab facility is the only safe way to beat substance abuse.

What Can I Expect With Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment requires you to stay at an enclosed rehab center for anywhere from 30 to 90 days or more. During your stay at an inpatient rehab facility, you can expect to participate in a series of treatments and therapies and engage in group meetings with individuals battling similar evils as you. While the therapies can differ from one facility to another, here is the treatment process followed at most inpatient rehab centers:

  • You will wake up at a reasonable hour and participate in morning routine activities like yoga, meditation, or physical exercise. You will then have a nourishing meal and prepare for the daily treatment session.
  • Most rehabs engage recovering addicts in group therapy sessions in the morning. These sessions focus on topics related to the recovery process and foster a sense of belonging and sober fellowships among the recovering addicts. Group therapy programs also help individuals achieve clarity about various issues, people, and surroundings and fuel a desire to lead a healthy and sober lifestyle.
  • The afternoon sessions encompass more intensive treatments. After a fulfilling lunch, you will participate in therapeutic individual therapy sessions. Some of the therapies we use at our Scottsdale addiction treatment to address and treat substance abuse include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy, etc.

You can also expect to participate in specialized therapy sessions like anger management, stress management, grief counseling, etc. Some rehab centers also engage their recovering addicts in alternative therapy programs like art and music therapy, equine therapy, etc., to help them achieve improved psychiatric wellness and emotional stability.

How To Choose The Most Reliable Treatment Center In Scottsdale?

For starters, look for JCAHO accredited rehabs with proper licensure. Also, check the staff profiles at a treatment center before joining. You want to join a rehab facility with highly skilled and experienced clinical staff to garner the best outcome in your recovery journey.

Call Purpose Healing Center at 480-579-3319 and verify your insurance with us. We are a leading Scottsdale addiction treatment facility with the best staff, highly effective treatments, affordable programs, and a high success rate. Get in touch with us today.