Fast Recovery With Our Alcohol Rehab In Arizona

Alcohol addiction is more difficult to diagnose and address due to drinking being socially acceptable and even encouraged in many situations. At Purpose Healing Center, we believe, in some aspects, that’s what makes it even more dangerous than drug addiction.

Find the best alcohol rehab in Arizona!

If you’re dealing with alcohol withdrawal, you may have developed a form of addiction, which means you need professional help fast. Because the withdrawal is usually not as severe as that of drug addiction, people tend to disregard the dangers of alcoholism, which is a mistake. Alcoholism is progressive and chronic, and quitting cold-turkey is notoriously difficult. For most victims of addiction, it’s even impossible to stop drinking.

We deal with all forms of addiction, including advanced alcoholism, through a holistic approach with outstanding success over time. To ensure the long-term success of the rehab, we offer:

Personalized detox and targeted medication plansWithdrawal management via medication and therapyDual-diagnosis support to deal with co-occurring disordersMental and emotional therapySpiritual healingRelapse prevention educationSocial reintegration supportExpert counseling on long-term relapse prevention and healthy living, etc.

All these procedures, along with individual and group therapy and family support, form the foundation of a lifetime of sobriety.

What happens in alcohol rehab?

The rehabilitation process is simple in theory but very complex in practice. When dealing with alcoholism, we need to consider all aspects that may influence your recovery and ability to remain sober. Our alcohol rehab in Arizona relies on a multi-disciplinary protocol to promote healthy and sober living throughout the years. This refers to using a combination of medication, therapy, counseling, recreational activities, and education to achieve the best results.

The rehabilitation process consists of several phases:

Thorough clinical assessmentThe intake processDetox and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)Dual-diagnosis treatmentTherapy and counselingSober living supportTransitioning to PHP and IOP, depending on your progress and needs

Our residential inpatient program is perfect for people struggling with advanced forms of alcoholism, while PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and IOP (Intensive-Outpatient Program) are later stages of care. This form of treatment has delivered the most success over time, helping people regain control over their lives and embrace sobriety long-term.

Overcome alcohol withdrawal fast

We believe that you can only quit alcoholism for good by undergoing a top rehab program fast. Just like any substance addiction, alcoholism is chronic and progressive. It will worsen with time, and the relapse with always ruin your efforts of quitting cold-turkey. We have a better option for you. Our alcohol rehab in Arizona is effective at combating alcohol addiction, as well as the lingering effects of the disorder.

At Purpose Healing Center, we offer comprehensive treatment, optimized management strategies, and a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for fast recovery. With our rehab experts by your side, there is no goal that you can’t achieve. Contact us for urgent clinical assessment and intake, and you can begin the treatment shortly! This is your chance to leave alcoholism behind for good.

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