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Purpose Healing Center invites you to treat your addiction at our rehab facilities, where we offer access to some of the most advanced programs available today. Our drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, will open a new path for you on your way to sobriety.

What is the process of rehabilitation?

The rehab process consists of advanced pharmacological, psychiatric, and therapeutic procedures to combat the symptoms and causes of chemical addiction. The length of the treatment depends on both the severity of the disorder, as well as the patient’s response to the program. Since people react differently to the same treatment, we have devised a holistic plan of recovery, which meets the physiological needs of the patient.

The process of rehabilitation will go through several phases, including:

  • Clinical detoxification for toxin cleansing, chemical stabilization, and withdrawal management
  • Therapeutic assistance, along with behavioral, psychological, and emotional support
  • Spiritual recovery and healing
  • Experiential and recreational activities for therapeutic benefits (yoga, meditation, equine therapy, etc.)
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Social skills development and life coaching, etc.

How long does withdrawal last?

Depending on how advanced your addiction is, the symptoms of withdrawal can last for weeks or even months. This is the primary reason why most addicts can’t quit cold turkey, at their own will. And this is the same reason why self-help methods fail or even backfire. Self-detox procedures usually aggravate the situation due to drug complications, unexpected drug interactions, and severe side-effects.

We recommend joining our drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, for safe detox and controlled rehabilitation and recovery. With our experts supervising the detoxification process, you won’t have to worry about withdrawal side-effects or any complications for that matter. We ensure the maximum of comfort during the procedure so that you can have a smooth, stress-free experience.

The truth about drug addiction

The truth is that most people see drug addiction as being out of their control. The reality is that, although it is a chronic disorder, you are not powerless. You might not be able to quit through willpower alone, but you can use that willpower to decide which way you want your life to go. So long as you have the strength and determination to leave your disease behind, nothing will stop you from regaining your freedom.

We don’t see our patients as victims, but survivors who have yet to discover their true potential. We believe you can succeed in your endeavors and that you are strong enough to retake control over your life. You only need our guidance and expertise to support you along the way, and your confidence and spiritual strength will do the rest.

How to cure addiction?

The cure for addiction doesn’t rely on a magic pill but a specific mindset. So long as you are set to quit your habits and never look back, your addiction will never return. Join our program of drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, and start your journey today!

At Purpose Healing Center, we offer you the hope of salvation. Call our hotline and come in for urgent preliminary assessment and diagnosis!

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