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Purpose Healing Center is a pre-eminent drug rehab in AZ that offers top-notch addiction treatment. Our treatment facility provides the perfect platform for recovering addicts to heal and attain sobriety.

What type of therapy is best for addiction?

There are a variety of treatment therapies that are effective in treating addiction. Some of the commonly used therapies include biofeedback, EMDR, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, and Dialectal behavioral therapy. We use these therapies to understand the memories, situations, or feelings that trigger the use of drugs in individuals.

By understanding the triggers, we plan a treatment program to reduce the impact caused by the triggers while simultaneous training the patients on building healthy coping mechanisms to overcome stressful situations. For more information on what therapies we use in treatment, talk to our admissions officer today.

Use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in addiction treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy used to help patients understand how their feelings, thoughts, and actions that affect their well-being. CBT helps to treat issues like anxiety, Bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. which are some of the causes of drug abuse in individuals.

CBT helps in teaching patients to think rationally and analyze how their actions and emotions are impractical and unhealthy. At our drug rehab in AZ, our therapists work with patients and make them revisit painful memories to reduce the pain caused by such memories. After which, we teach in our patients healthy and positive mechanisms to cope with such traumatic memories. Speak to us for more information.

Can psychiatrists treat addiction?

A psychiatrist specialized in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry is the best kind of doctor to treat addiction. Nevertheless, general psychiatrists also offer addiction treatment through a combination of psychotherapies, counseling, and medications. Furthermore, you can also approach a licensed alcohol and drug counselor for one-on-one counseling and advice.

Addiction is a behavioral issue, and it takes a skilled psychiatrist to understand the cause of addiction and to examine the co-occurring disorders if any. Only a psychiatrist can design the best treatment plan for your addiction condition. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with our experienced psychiatrist.

Common types of therapies used in addiction treatment

Rehab centers and psychiatrists use a variety of psychotherapies to treat addiction and its co-occurring mental disorders. Some of the most commonly used therapies are:

  • Biofeedback Therapy – Rehab centers use this therapy to help patients control their involuntary functions. These include blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. By doing so, we help them feel empowered on their journey towards sobriety. 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This therapy is used to help patients logically analyze as to how their thoughts, actions, and feelings affect their wellness and impacts recovery.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – We use this therapy method to promote confidence in patients, preparing them to manage stressful situations and memories easier.

For affordable drug rehab in AZ, visit or get in touch with Purpose Healing Center. We follow a holistic treatment approach for drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Call us for details.

Drug Rehab Az

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