Detox Centers In Arizona

Quitting cold turkey if you have a drug or alcohol addiction can lead to unbearable and even life-threatening symptoms. Withdrawal convinces many people to return to their substance use. If you’re tired of living a life of addiction, one of the best detox centers in Arizona can help you stop using alcohol or drugs and adequately prepare you for the next level of treatment. At Purpose Healing Center, our team can help you complete the first phase of your treatment. That way, you can power through your treatment plan and take back your life from addiction.

What To Look For In A Detox Center

Here are some top tips to help you narrow down your search for a leading detox facility

Detox-Specific Programs

You want a center that offers detoxification for your specific substance use disorder like cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, or alcohol. Make sure the facility has expertise and experience in providing detox services for the substance you’re addicted to. Detox-specific programs considerably increase your chances of achieving sustained sobriety.

Medically-Assisted Detox

Detox can take anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, depending on your substance of choice, the length of use, and the amount used. The process of detoxification eliminates all traces of alcohol or drugs from your body. This puts an end to your physical dependency on the substance. It further restores your brain to normal function. But getting to this point means undergoing uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Quitting unsupervised is highly discouraged due to the increased chances of medical complications. Thus, it’s essential to choose a detox center that offers 24/7 care and monitoring and manages unpleasant symptoms. With medically assisted detox, you’ll get access to experienced addiction specialists. Your team will closely watch your vitals and address any symptoms appropriately and promptly.

In other words, medically-supervised detox ups your chances of having the best possible outcomes in addiction treatment.

Licensing And Accreditation

Find out whether the detox facility you’re considering is accredited and licensed. Often, top centers have certifications from these respected organizations:

  • The Joint Commission
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

Accreditation tells you that the facility is credible, committed to providing quality care, and adheres to stringent safety and operational standards.


Detoxification in a private facility can be very costly. So remember to ask the shortlisted detox center if they accept your type of insurance or have other payment options if you don’t have coverage. These may include Employee Assisted Program, third-party loans, or flexible payment plans. If you have insurance, ask the admissions rep of the facility you want to confirm your benefits.

It’s Not The End Of The Road

Alone, the vicious cycle of addiction may seem unbreakable. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s hope and help. At Purpose Healing Center, we’re one of the trusted detox centers in Arizona that offer a safe detox experience so you can transition to the next addiction program that addresses your recovery needs. Ready to seek help for your addiction? Contact us today to get started

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