If you or someone that you know has an addiction to benzodiazepines, you must seek the best facility for care and detox. Also known as benzos, these are sedatives that often get prescribed to help with insomnia and anxiety management. While benzos can be effective when used therapeutically, they are also extremely addictive. When approaching chronic abuse, it can lead to an unhealthy dependence that calls for assistance with a good facility offering benzo detox in Scottsdale. 

Know the Signs of Addiction to Benzodiazepine 

Someone who gets addicted to benzos will often show a problematic pattern. This includes results that include distress or significant impairment. These are some of the signs that you may notice with someone who is developing such an addiction:

  • Experiencing immense cravings to use
  • Taking the benzos in much larger amounts than prescribed initially
  • Spending a great deal of time looking for benzos, taking them, or trying to recover from taking them
  • Wishing that you could stop using or making numerous failed attempts to quit or cut back
  • Going through many life problems at work, with family, or at school because of taking the drugs
  • No longer participating in many activities that you used to enjoy when sober
  • Still using even when in dangerous situations, including driving or operating machinery
  • Developing a high tolerance to benzos due to prolonged use

When you notice one or more of the symptoms above, then it is time to admit there is a problem and look for a good benzo detox in Scottsdale where you or your loved one can get help. There are going to be ups and downs on the path to sobriety, as well as some withdrawal symptoms that you may go through. Picking the best detox center for the job will give you all of the care and support you need to set yourself up for success. The withdrawals that many people face when coming off of benzodiazepines include: 

  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Profuse sweating
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Visual or auditory hallucinations
  • Mild to severe agitation
  • Seizures 

How Does a Detox Program Work? 

It is natural for someone to worry about what they may face when entering into a benzo detox in Scottsdale. It is natural to have a lot of questions and have a fear of the unknown. However, the best first step is making sure that you have a team that you can count on to develop a customized path for sobriety. When an addict is supervised properly and has the ability to manage withdrawals safely, there is always hope on the horizon. At Purpose Healing Center, we make it our number one goal to ensure that all clients who come to us to help get all of the attention and guidance they need. 

If you would like to find addiction help for yourself or someone that you care about, there is a way for you to begin imagining a life with purpose. Give us a call at (480) 579-3319 to talk with one of our staff at Purpose Healing Center about your situation to go over the many ways we can try to help.