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Purpose Healing Center offers unsurpassed alcohol detox in Phoenix with a team of highly skilled clinicians and state-of-the-art amenities. Our medical detox treatment helps you safely overcome alcohol addiction and enables you to attain a sustainable and speedy recovery.

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating the waste products and toxins caused by excessive and long-term alcohol consumption. We offer the best alcohol detox treatment setting alongside medication management, medical observation, and counseling. Detoxification is the first stage in a long-term treatment process that aims to reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. It alleviates some of the physical and psychological dependence on alcohol, improving your chances of getting sober.

Individuals suffering from long-term alcohol addiction disorder need medical detox to beat alcoholism and embrace sobriety safely. Besides, detox helps restore balance and enables the recovering user to attain a healthy physical and mental state.

What Can I Expect During Alcohol Detoxification?

Some rehabs offer alcohol detox in an inpatient treatment setting. A few other treatment centers perform it in an outpatient facility. However, if you are recovering from heavy alcohol use, you will require around-the-clock medical monitoring. Medical detox typically involves three steps: intake, medication, and stabilization.

Our medical team will review your drug addiction, health status, and psychiatric history during intake. Once we fully understand your situation, we plan the detoxification program and medications to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms and alleviate the co-occurring disorders and general discomfort.

How Can Detoxification Help Me Overcome Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol detox is a critical part of your journey towards sobriety. While not everyone needs detox, individuals suffering from a moderate to severe addiction disorder need detoxification to overcome the withdrawal phase safely and embrace a sober lifestyle. Medical detoxification safely eliminates the toxins from your system and reduces the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms.

The process prepares your mind and body for a long-term commitment to sobriety. Medical detox restores the chemical imbalances in the brain to the pre-addiction state and improves your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. As a leading rehab for alcohol detox in Scottsdale, we have licensed physicians to administer medications and dedicated RNs to monitor you 24/7 during and after alcohol detoxification.

What Are Some Of The Drugs Used In Alcohol Detox?

A critical part of the medical detox treatment is to keep the patient’s system in balance. We avoid physiological upsets in recovering addicts using specific medications like benzodiazepines. Drugs like Librium, Valium, and Ativan help reduce the alcohol withdrawal symptoms and prevents seizures. As individuals recovering from long-term or severe addiction disorders can experience seizures, we keep them safe with anticonvulsant drugs like Keppra.

Benzodiazepines are highly effective in treating specific alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You must not try to detox at home as these medications are highly addictive in their own right. Only a licensed physician can administer them in medically recommended amounts and help you safely overcome the withdrawal phase.

Verify your insurance with Purpose Healing Center today by reaching us at 833-345-2484. We offer the best Scottsdale addiction treatment in a world-class treatment center and help individuals battling substance abuse disorder and alcoholism get a fresh start in life. Our evidence-based treatment approach and highly effective alcohol detox in Scottsdale prepare our recovering addicts for lasting success with sobriety.