Arizona Detox

Purpose Healing Center is a top-rated Arizona detox treatment center with the highest success and lowest relapse rates. Our treatment providers have the best training and several years of experience, allowing them to offer unsurpassed care and support to those battling substance abuse.

What Is Rapid Detox?

Rapid detox is an addiction treatment method that helps remove substances from a user’s system faster than regular detoxification. Rapid detox advocates say it is a faster way to eliminate drugs from the body and avoid painful withdrawal symptoms. However, rapid detox can be dangerous and quite expensive.

In rapid detox, individuals suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) receive anesthesia sedation. A doctor then administers medications to replace the drugs in the body. While doctors initially used rapid detox to treat opiate addiction and heroin abuse, its risks outweigh the benefits. Rapid detox can cause heart attack, paranoia, high body temperature, infection, nausea, vomiting, choking, and in worse cases, death.

What Happens After Medical Detox?

Beginning your recovery journey with medical detox treatment can help you start a liberating journey toward sobriety. It can optimize your chances of getting clean and reduce your risk of relapse in the long term. However, detox is only the first part of a long-term recovery journey. 

Detox as a stand-alone treatment is insufficient for a successful recovery. After medical detox, you need to sign up for inpatient/IOP/outpatient treatment to overcome the psychological part of your addiction disorder. We help our clients heal from their mental health issues through counseling, support group meetings, and psychotherapy. 

Who Should Sign Up For Detox Treatment?

Most people wait to hit rock bottom to sign up for medical detox or addiction treatment. However, it is pivotal you do not wait for your substance abuse situation to get worse to seek help. The sooner you receive professional treatment for addiction, the higher the chances of getting clean in a pain-free manner. Medical detox helps flush out the toxins from your body caused by long-term drug use or alcohol consumption. 

We recommend medical detox treatment for individuals suffering from a moderate to severe addiction disorder. Those in the early stages of addiction may not require medical detox and may benefit from an outpatient treatment program. Speak to an addiction specialist at a leading Arizona detox facility to learn about the severity of your substance abuse and determine if you need medical detoxification.

Can I Overcome Addiction Without Medical Detox?

Individuals suffering from a mild addiction problem or those in the early stages of addiction do not need medical detox. However, they should still attend outpatient rehab programs to quit drugs or alcohol and embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

On the other hand, if you suffer from a moderate or severe addiction disorder, you must receive medical detox at a leading rehab center to safely overcome the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms you experience in the first couple of days after quitting substance use can be excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable. Medical detox is the only proven and safe route to overcoming the withdrawal phase without facing adverse health complications.

Begin on a life-altering journey towards sobriety and improved wellness with our Arizona detox treatment program. Purpose Healing Center is a renowned rehab facility for medical detox treatment with several positive reviews and the highest rating on Google. Let us help you overcome your destructive behavioral patterns and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Contact (480) 579-3319 today