About Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction treatment is available at Purpose Healing Center in North Scottsdale (Phoenix).

People who advocate for marijuana use say that it is a harmless drug. They think that they can use marijuana without experiencing any negative effects. They say that it is impossible to get addicted to marijuana. However, that belief is not something that is backed by science. We see people affected every day at our Scottsdale/Phoenix treatment facility.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 9 percent of people who abuse marijuana will become addicted to it. If a person starts using marijuana as a teen, then they are even more likely to develop an addiction. Seventeen percent of people who start using marijuana as teens develop an addiction to it. The more you use marijuana, the more likely you are to get addicted to it. Twenty-five to 50 percent of people who smoke marijuana every day develop an addiction to it.

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. It binds to the receptors in the brain that trigger relaxation. The brain tries to shut off these receptors. Marijuana use can actually alter the brain over time. It will get to the point where the brain will not function at its optimal level unless a person is using marijuana.

If a person is addicted to marijuana, then they become restless and irritable without it. They may crave marijuana so much that it starts to interrupt their sleep, work habits and school life. These are signs of addiction that we see at our addiction treatment center in Arizona.

People may struggle to make friends or interact with the ones that they already have. They may feel as though they cannot get through life without marijuana. It can be difficult to overcome a psychological addiction.

Therapy is one of the keys to overcoming a marijuana addiction. The purpose of marijuana therapy at our Scottsdale facility is to help people overcome a drug addiction. It also teaches people how to identify the triggers so that they can avoid them. Therapy can also teach people how to cope with life without marijuana. People will be able to learn how to live a satisfying life without using any marijuana.

Our Arizona based therapists are trained to teach marijuana users relapse skills. They will teach people lessons on how to refuse drugs. People will be able to learn what to do if someone walks up them and offers them marijuana.

In addition to individual therapy, people may also be able to get group therapy. People around the Phoenix Valley who are overcoming a marijuana addiction will be able to meet people who are going through similar struggles.