About Cocaine Addiction

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Among other symptoms, behavioral changes arise from a cocaine addiction. Those who take the substance may show behaviors that are shy and secretive. They may ask for privacy during the day and night and get irritated or angry when individuals are looking through their things or in their room. At our Arizona treatment center, we see these and other behaviors. They may also become defensive when they are questioned about their actions, such as where they have been or what they’ve been doing. According to Stratfor Global Intelligence, cocaine is also an expensive habit. Users in the United States typically pay an average of $100-$500 per gram of cocaine. This could result in those with a cocaine addiction constantly needing money, which may result in lying, cheating, or stealing to get it. Although this behavior can seen unusual or uncommon, those with an addiction feel this behavior is necessary to support their drug habit.

Individuals with a cocaine addiction can become severely thin because cocaine suppresses their appetite. Those who take the substance don’t eat on a regular basis. In addition, they typically stay awake and active for extended periods. As a result, they burn a significant amount of calories.

If families of patients notice any of these signs and decide to take action, it is vital they communicate with a Phoenix substance abuse treatment facility to get their loved ones enrolled in a treatment program. Substance abuse treatment facilities offer numerous treatment programs that families can choose from, which include inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs provide individuals with around the clock care, and those in inpatient programs will reside at the substance abuse treatment facility for the duration of treatment. Other treatment programs are offered in an outpatient setting. Those who attend outpatient treatment programs will continue to reside in their homes but attend treatment sessions at a substance abuse treatment facility.

When choosing a Scottsdale addiction recovery program, there are many things to consider. There are some individuals who would benefit from an inpatient program to keep them away from triggers, such as drug dealers or friends who abuse cocaine, which can lead to relapse. In addition, certain locations can also be a trigger that leads to relapse. It can be hard to overcome triggers because certain areas of the brain can cause severe cravings during addiction recovery.

For these individuals, an inpatient setting in Arizona may be the best option. During inpatient rehab, individuals are taught coping techniques that will help them overcome stressors that could lead to relapse when they return home.

However, there are others who have family members and friends that can provide encouragement and understanding that motivate them to continue with treatment. These individuals may also gather strength from upholding personal and work obligations. For these individuals, an outpatient addiction recovery program may be a better option because they can stay connected to loved ones who can contribute to their recovery.