A Premier Treatment Center in AZ

A Premier Treatment Center in AZ

Substance addiction is a life-altering condition with drastic long-term health, social, and professional repercussions. Purpose Healing Center invites you to our treatment center in AZ to address your condition immediately in a secure and comfortable facility. The recovery process generally takes time, which is why you need to start the rehab soon to prevent your condition from aggravating.

How to tell when you need drug or alcohol rehab

Consuming drugs and alcohol regularly is already a warning sign that you are on a downward spiral. Abusing these substances, however, often makes for a certain path towards dependence and addiction. You should become worried when experiencing the first withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms and their severity will vary depending on the substance you’re using, length of abuse, overall health status, age, etc.

They may include:

HeadachesTrouble sleeping or inconsistent sleeping patternsElevated heart rateLoss of appetiteDisorientation or mental confusionLoss of interest in other activitiesMuscle aches or tremor, etc.

In some cases, the symptoms may include seizures, coma, and even lead to death, which is why finding early treatment may be a life-saving decision. If you’re worried about your withdrawal symptoms, we advise you to contact our professional as soon as possible for clinical investigation and treatment recommendations.

How drug and alcohol rehab works

The rehabilitation treatment will consist of several phases:

On-site clinical evaluation and psychiatric assessment – This is a necessary phase in the treatment as it allows our professionals to gather critical information about your condition. At our treatment center in AZ, we assess our patients’ physical and psychiatric status to determine their condition severity, withdrawal specifics, and overall mental health state.Detox services – The detox process generally lasts up to 14 days, with its length and intensity dictated by the addiction’s severity, the patient’s response to treatment, and several other factors. The procedure’s purpose is to stabilize the patients and prepare them for residential treatment.Residential inpatient treatment – The residential program varies in length (30, 60, 90 days) and places patients in a controlled, safe, and comfortable recovery environment. The treatment consists of multiple rehabilitation modalities, including behavioral therapies, recreational activities, psychotherapy, counseling, individual and group support sessions, etc. The purpose is to help recovering patients regain control over their emotions and behavior and train them into adopting a healthier and more stable lifestyle routine.PHP and Outpatient Program – Both PHP and Outpatient Program function as transition rehabilitation programs, preparing patients for a smooth social reintegration experience. These programs require patients to come for treatment several times per week and aims to help them develop robust relapse prevention skills.

If you face regular withdrawal with fluctuating intensity, you need to come to our treatment center in AZ for clinical assessment and treatment preparation. Purpose Healing Center offers customized rehabilitation services, impeccable customer service, and a welcoming, empathetic, and non-judgmental attitude. If you’re ready to quit your substance addiction today, come to our facility, complete the intake process, and your life will never be the same again.

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