A Premier Patient-Oriented Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale

A Premier Patient-Oriented Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale

Purpose Healing Center invites you to our leading rehab facility to treat your addiction in a comfortable and safe recovery environment. Our premier addiction treatment in Scottsdale will place you in a trigger and stress-free setting, where you can focus on recovery and healing and participate in group therapy and activities.

Why our rehabilitation treatment is the best available

We believe that the ideal drug and alcohol recovery program should rely on a structured format and function based on holistic principles. Substance addiction is a life-altering condition with severe long-term health, professional, and personal complications. To counter it effectively, you need a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment based on a results-oriented approach and a well-rounded structure.

The rehabilitation system we’re using relies on three core recovery programs:

Residential/Inpatient treatment – A 30, 60, or 90-day recovery program that places patients in a comfortable, controlled, and supervised environment. The treatment includes detox, therapy, counseling, recreational therapies, and educational programs, promoting sober living and relapse prevention. It is the go-to rehab program for people struggling with advanced addiction and co-occurring disorders that need medical and psychiatric assistance.Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP comes in the form of a day treatment on a lower-intensity schedule. You will participate in treatment, testing, and therapy for up to six hours per day, five days a week. The treatment’s duration and schedule may vary depending on your progress, recovery goals, and personal and professional commitments. It is a reliable form of rehab treatment for patients who don’t need the intensive care of the residential program, are too busy, or can manage their addictions at home, in their loved ones’ company.Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP is the last level of care, providing personalized addiction treatment in Scottsdale on a weekly basis. You get to participate in regular group meetings and counseling, during which our rehab professionals will provide guide you towards a sober, clean, and fulfilling lifestyle moving forward. You will learn how to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle, get better career opportunities, engage in healthier hobbies and passions, and make friends along the way.

When to begin drug rehab?

If you’re dealing with severe drug addiction, the best moment to begin the rehab is now. The withdrawal will prevent you from quitting cold-turkey, and the risk of overdose will increase as time passes. We advise you to contact our professionals as soon as possible to begin the intake process and prepare yourself for detox and treatment. Early treatment is the most effective approach to combating severe addiction and advanced co-occurring chronic disorders.

Our leading addiction treatment in Scottsdale will allow you to recover from the withdrawal comfortably with minimal stress in a trigger-free and supportive environment. If you’re ready, you can contact our rehab experts at your own discretion for intake and clinical assessment today.

Call Purpose Healing Center, discuss with our rehab professional, and make an appointment for screening and intake! We are ready to take your case and recommend appropriate rehab treatment for a smooth and safe rehabilitation!

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