A complete outpatient rehab in Arizona

A complete outpatient rehab in Arizona

Purpose Healing Center welcomes you to the most popular, luxurious, and reliable rehabilitation center with customized programs and comprehensive patient care. If you require clinical and psychiatric care in a safe facility, our center is the ideal location. We offer inpatient and outpatient rehab in Arizona, allowing patients to recover and heal at their own pace.

What does outpatient rehab mean?

There are two core forms of rehabilitation – inpatient and outpatient. The inpatient program is intensive in nature, ensuring 24/7 assistance, strict internal regulations, and around-the-clock patient care and support. The outpatient care begins when the inpatient program has ended.

The program aims to help patients transition from the inpatient program to a more independent, non-intensive setting. It is the perfect rehab mechanism for individuals who lack proper family support or struggle with professional or social issues. The outpatient program will help recovering addicts re-adapt to a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle.

How inpatient rehab works

The inpatient program becomes available once you have completed the detox phase and finalized the inpatient program. It is also available for individuals who don’t need intensive care since their withdrawal or addiction condition isn’t as severe. Some of the program’s specifics include:

  • Non-intensive assistance – You no longer need to reside at the rehab facility 24/7. The program allows more flexibility, allowing patients to go home once the treatment or therapy session is complete for that day.
  • Daily or weekly therapy – We offer PHP and IOP, which are both non-intensive programs, functioning on an outpatient basis. PHP requires you to participate in four to six hours of treatment per day, at least five days per week, while IOP offers a minimum of nine hours of treatment weekly. The programs’ intensity and duration will vary depending on your needs and progress.
  • Promoting a sustainable lifestyle – Completing the inpatient program is always the easiest part of the rehab treatment. The real challenge begins with joining our outpatient rehab in Arizona, as it serves as a guide to a self-sufficient and fulfilling lifestyle post-rehab. Our rehab experts will teach you how to prevent relapse and maintain your sobriety over the years.
  • Building a supportive community – Outpatient programs are ideal for integrating patients into a supportive and helpful community of individuals struggling with similar issues. They can help you battle your issues more effectively and find the moral and spiritual support you need along the way.

How to join the outpatient program?

If you’re looking to join our outpatient rehab in Arizona, we advise you to contact our professionals as soon as possible. Our experts will assess your condition, build your clinical profile, and recommend adequate treatment and specific rehab services based on the findings. If you qualify for outpatient care, you can begin the treatment shortly.

Feel free to contact Purpose Healing Center to discuss your treatment options and insurance coverage. If you’re experiencing withdrawal, joining the treatment program soon can minimize your condition’s impact and prevent more severe health consequences over time. Call now, come in for a clinical evaluation, and begin rehab today!

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